2023-2024 Ratification


2023-2024 Ratification

Greetings Educators! On October 12, the WCEA and WCSD bargaining teams came to an agreement for the 2023-2024 school year. WCEA advocated for several items (view recordings at wceateacher.org), and the district was only willing to agree to a few. The listing below is what was agreed upon.

  1.  District Counter proposal of increasing Tier I, II and III ESE supplements
    1. Tier I Increase $710 for a new total amount of $1,457
    2. Tier II increase $963 for a new total amount of $1,977
    3. Tier III increase $1,218 for a new total amount of $2,500
  2. $1,084 employee retention/recruitment bonus for all teachers with a net of $1,000
  3. SGA/Student Council supplement of $750
  4. Breakdown of TSIA for Newly hired, performance pay and grandfathers teachers is as follows:
    1. Newly hired teachers (teachers hired in the 2023-2024 school year), that do not have a district evaluation, will receive an increase to the new minimum base salary of $44,468.

 In future years, these teachers will receive salary adjustments for “Highly Effective” and “Effective “ratings. (per Florida law)

  1. Performance Pay Teachers (Annual Contract) will receive
    1. Highly Effective $1,500 or
    2. Effective $1,000
  2. Grandfathered Teachers (Professional Contract/Continuing Contract) will receive a $1,200 recurring increase.

WCEA also advocated to address the salary compression for new hires. That compensation is as follows:

0-3 years $44,468

4-7 years $44,668

8-11 years $44,868

12-13 years $45,068

WCEA’s priorities are established by its members who complete an annual bargaining survey that is usually conducted at the end and again at the beginning of each school year.  The organization typically holds its first negotiation session in July every year. Keep in mind the importance of your participation as we seek to understand and address your needs for a productive work environment. 

Ratification will be conducted Thursday, October 19 at all Chipley sites and Friday, October 20 at Vernon sites.  Please see your building rep if you are going to be so we can collect your vote before 2 p.m. on Friday.


Laurie Simmons

WCEA President


VPK: 1 For

KMS: 59 For, 5 Against

RMS:  34 For

CHS: 27 For, 2 Against 

WAVE: 7 For

VES: 34 For

VMS: 11 For

VHS: 18 For, 3 Against 

FPTC: 22 For